Discussing The Ferguson Grand Jury, Sen. Maynard And More On The Wheelhouse

Last Wednesday was a pre-Thanksgiving treat: WNPR’s John Dankosky invited me to join him, Colin McEnroe and several other guests on his regular Wednesday morning show, The Wheelhouse.  We discussed the Ferguson grand jury decision, retiring Senate President Don William’s new gig at the CEA, the Office of the Child Advocate’s report on Adam Lanza, and oh so much more.  I had a great time John and Colin.  Thanks for inviting me on the show!

CT-N taped the show.  If you like to watch people sit in a radio studio and talk to each other, click here.


Finally, A Ray Of Open Government Sanity In The State Senate

After a year of emotion clouding reason in the public debate over freedom of information in Connecticut, a ray of sanity broke through those clouds last Thursday.

Efforts to curtail public access to 911 calls and photographs of homicides have gained momentum since last June, culminating in a widely criticized set of recommendations proposed last month by the legislature’s  “Task Force on Victim Privacy and the Public’s Right to Know.”  The Task Force, which was weighted in favor of privacy advocates, and which never even considered the possibility of recommending that the legislature repeal anti-Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”) legislation it passed in almost total secrecy last June, recommended that 911 emergency calls and other records be made largely exempt from disclosure under the FOIA.

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