Should Supreme Court Justices Be Nominated Exclusively From The Ranks Of Sitting Trial Or Appellate Judges?

Governor Malloy recently nominated his chief legal counsel, Andrew McDonald, to fill a position on the Connecticut Supreme Court created by the retirement of Justice Lubbie Harper, Jr.   In a just-published column, Manchester Journal Inquirer managing editor Chris Powell raises a number of questions about McDonald’s nomination.  As a former state legislator and as the governor’s legal counsel, Mr. McDonald has taken strong positions on a variety of issues, including religious liberty and freedom of information.  Powell is right to identify these issues, and asking Mr. McDonald about them during his confirmation process is both legitimate and appropriate. Read the rest of this entry »

The Power To Terminate Includes The Power To Evaluate

The Hartford Courant has an editorial today about an unfortunate dispute that has been brewing over at Connecticut’s Office of Governmental Accountability (“OGA”).  The dispute is over who has the authority to evaluate the OGA executive administrator’s performance. Read the rest of this entry »