The Supreme Court and 18th Century Pornography

Intrigued? Check out this post by Betsy Kellem on her wonderful blog, Drinks With Dead People.

Is The Senate Constitutionally Obligated To Vote On A Supreme Court Nominee?

Short answer: No.

Longer answer: See this interesting post by Ilya Somin, a respected libertarian law prof.

UPDATE (3/18/16): For some other perspectives, click here, here, here.

UPDATE (3/22/16): On the question whether “shall” means “must”, click here.

Discussing Justice Scalia On WNPR

Tomorrow morning I have the honor and pleasure of joining host John Dankosky, his colleague Colin McEnroe and two additional great guests on The Wheelhouse, WNPR’s weekly news roundtable.  Topics include Justice Scalia and the state budget.  Listen live at 9:00 am!

UPDATE: 2/17/16: Click here to listen to a recording of the show, and click here to watch video of the show on CT-N.