Final Judgments And Attorney’s Fees, Ctd.

Last December I wrote a post about a U.S. Supreme Court case that would consider whether a trial court judgment was final, for the purpose of seeking appellate review, if all issues in a case have been resolved except the issue of contractual attorney’s fees. 

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Final Judgments–Arggghhhh!!

I have the utmost respect for our judges and courts, particularly the Connecticut Appellate and Supreme Courts in which I frequently argue.  But my good feelings for the courts are tested when they publish decisions that suggest I filed an appeal either too early or too late.  I’m an appellate advocate after all; my pride and reputation are both at stake.  🙂

On Monday, the Appellate Court issued a decision that said I filed an appeal prematurely.  Ouch. So, allow me to push back, with respect of course.

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The Final Judgment Rule (Part One)

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