Klau Launches CT Good Governance

Dear Readers:

I am very pleased to announce the launch of my new site, CT Good Governance. The mission of the site is to improve state and local governmental policy outcomes, promote ethical decision-making, increase the confidence of citizens and public officials in their government, and help government meet its constitutional and statutory obligations to the citizens of the State of Connecticut. CT Good Governance seeks to fulfill its mission by applying the principles of good governance to the constitutional, statutory and legislative rules, as well as informal customs and conventions, that govern the processes by which our state and local governments make and implement decisions.

I am very excited about the site, which I hope will serve as a public forum for non-partisan discussion of ideas and strategies to improve the democratic process in the Nutmeg State. Please take a moment to peruse the site and the several “good governance” proposals already on it. I’d be delighted to discuss the site and my hopes for it with you.


Dan Klau

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