Coming Your Way Soon: The Little Book Of Big Appellate Tips!


I’m very pleased to announce that I’m on the cusp of releasing my first book, Appealingly Brief: The Little Book of Big Appellate Tips (Or How to Write Persuasive Briefs and Excel at Oral Argument).  Click here for more information about the book, including a free excerpt in pdf format.  The full book will be published later this fall in both print and e-book formats.

The book contains 37 specific tips, many with multiple sub-tips, pointers and suggestions, on brief writing and oral argument.  While I would like to take sole credit for these tips, the truth is that they represent the collective wisdom of brilliant jurists and appellate lawyers like former Connecticut Supreme Court Chief Justice Ellen Ash Peters, former Wiggin & Dana appellate guru (and later federal district judge) Mark Kravitz, and so many other very wise folks, including but not limited to former Supreme Court Justices David Borden, Joette Katz, Barry Schaller and Ian McLachlan.

Stayed tuned for further information on the official publication date.

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