When Felons Run For Public Office, Ctd.

Well, by a narrow margin voters in the Bridgeport Democratic primary have chosen their former mayor, convicted felon Joseph P. Ganim, to represent them as their candidate in the mayoral election in November.  Unbelievable.

I wrote a post last March discussing the Connecticut law that allows felons to run for public office, but only if they have made “payment of all fines in conjunction with the conviction and once such person has been discharged from confinement, and, if applicable, parole.”  I asked in that post whether Mr. Ganim had, in fact, paid all fines.

In light of this week’s primary results, I reviewed the docket sheet from Mr. Ganim’s federal court case.  It says that he was ordered to pay a fine of $150,000.00 (separate and apart from his obligation to make restitution to various individuals and entities).  The docket entry dated September 9, 2003 says that Mr. Ganim paid $91,500 of that amount, leaving a balance of $58,500.  I cannot find any record that the balance was ever paid.

I’m not a criminal lawyer, so I may be misreading the docket sheet or missing some other record evidencing payment.  I’m just reiterating the question: Has Mr. Ganim in fact paid the entire fine?  Has he made all required restitutionary payments?

UPDATE: (9/19/15)  According to this article in the Stamford Advocate from 2011, Mr. Ganim paid the balance of his fine.  Oh well. 

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