Please Support CT News Junkie!

Dear Readers,

It is no secret that the “best of times” for traditional print media continues to recede in the rear view mirror.  The business model that long supported newspapers and magazines–print advertising revenue–barely works anymore.  However, entrepreneurs who understand the critical importance of an informed citizenry to a well-functioning democracy continue to invest in new ways to get the news out.  Its called public service journalism.

Two of those entrepreneurs are Christine Stuart and her husband, Doug Hardy.  They publish CT News Junkie, the web-based source for must-have news about Connecticut.  I depend on it to know what is happening in the state, clicking my link to the site at least a dozen times a day.

CT News Junkie is officially ten years old.  Please help celebrate its first successful decade, and help it continue for at least another decade, by saying “no” to free riding and “yes” to reader support for public service journalism.  I promise you’ll be glad you did.


Dan Klau

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