There’s A New Legal Blog In Town. . . .

Fellow appellate advocate Dan Krisch has just joined the legal blogosphere with his new blog, Holding Court.  Dan describes his new blog this way:

Life moves so quickly nowadays that we often fail to observe and analyze what is important. Most of all, we fail to think, to reason, to question and to discuss as the world whirls by us.  This blog is my contribution to remedying that lack — my thoughts on (mostly) legal issues and trends … with the occasional seasoning of references to music, art and pop culture as the spirit moves me.

Dan’s most recent post, “Transparency, Privacy and Prior Restraint,” concerns a small case with which I have some familiarity, one involving a Superior Court judge’s recent decision to grant an injunction–a “prior restraint”–against the Connecticut Law Tribune publishing a story about a child protection matter.

Dan loves the law, knows the law and loves to write about the law.  I look forward to more posts.  Welcome to the blogosphere Dan!

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