State Files Opening Brief In Skakel Habeas Appeal

Last week prosecutors filed their opening appellate brief in an effort to persuade the Connecticut Supreme Court to reverse a trial court’s judgment that Michael Skakel’s former attorney, Michael “Mickey” Sherman, did not provide a constitutionally adequate defense at Skakel’s murder trial.  Not surprisingly, the gist of the state’s argument is that the trial judge improperly “second guessed” Sherman’s defense tactics.

According to the Supreme Court’s electronic docket, Skakel’s opposition brief is due on September 8, 2014, although I wouldn’t be surprised if his attorneys’ ask for an extension of time; the state’s opening brief is 247 pages long!


One Comment on “State Files Opening Brief In Skakel Habeas Appeal”

  1. Gregor Gordon says:

    I think it’s a jump ball in regards to Skakel Ct Supreme Court reconsideration due 2nd quarter 2018. Interestingly more, which Supreme court justices new or old will jump sides and vote for “decision stands-stare decides”?
    That said: The 14 months late waiting for Skakel 2018 reconsideration is wrapped around the a political-the potential new Supreme Chief McDonald’s neck. As the most likely Supreme Chief to vote “Decision Stands”-Republicans are pushing back from the late Zarella Chief confirmation debacle.

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