Hellooooo Saginaw (And Thanks)!

In case you didn’t know (and you probably didn’t), March 16, 2014 was Freedom of Information Day!  Pat Johnston and Hilary Farrell, who co-host the “First Day on Sunday” morning show on WSGW, AM 790 in Saginaw, MI, marked the occasion on their show and on Pat’s blog, Out in Left Field.

How did they mark the occasion?  A staple of the blog is the “Monday Music Minute.”  Hilary scoured the Internet for songs about freedom of information and, after a little bit of work, found a song I had written a few years back to mark the 30th anniversary of the Connecticut Freedom of Information Act.   Click here for the audio segment of Pat’s and Hilary’s show featuring my song, “The FOI!”

Many thanks to Pat and Hilary for finding–and playing–my silly musical tribute to the Freedom of Information Act–and for Hilary’s very kind words about my resume. 😉

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