Mr. President, Release The Senate Torture Report!

Connecticut is not the only place dealing with open government problems these days.  While the State continues to wait (and wait and wait) for State’s Attorney Stephen Sedensky to release his report on the Sandy Hook massacre, the nation, indeed the world, continues to wait for the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee to release its 6000+ page report on the torture program administered by the CIA during the Bush-Cheney administration.  But as Andrew Sullivan explains on his blog, The Dish, resistance to the disclosure of the report appears to coming mainly from the Obama administration.

Sullivan asks,

Why is Obama allowing [CIA Director John] Brennan to undermine Obama’s own position? Why is the president allowing the CIA to prevent the very transparency he once pledged to uphold? I don’t know. But what I do know is that it is now Obama who is the main obstacle to releasing the Senate Report on Torture. He needs to tell his CIA director to give up his struggle to keep us all in the dark. He needs to stop dithering and tell Brennan to get out of the way of the report’s release – so we can all see, digest and understand what was done, in secret, in our name.

I agree with Sullivan.  Mr. President, release the report.  The public has a right to know the truth about what the CIA did.

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